Upcoming shows

We just finished our round of shows for this term! Stay tuned for the next term's schedules. In the meantime, you may watch our recorded shows on YouTube.

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Past shows

Here are some videos of past Compact Shakespeare shows:

Macbeth Over Easy at Fully Booked, Bonifacio Global City (April 2014)

Leoren Violan as Witch 1, also Captain, Banquo, Malcolm, Apparition 1, and Seyton

Larizze Bonifacio as Witch 2, also Ross, Lady Macbeth, Murderer, Apparition 2, and Messenger

Kat Mendoza as Witch 3, also King, Fleance, Macduff, and Apparition 3

Lorenze Visco as Macbeth

Directed by Joem Antonio and Jay-Ar Mira

Eulogy for Othello at the University of Asia and the Pacific (December 2015)

DJ Navarro as Iago

Directed by Joem Antonio

Romeo and Juliet in Ten Minutes at the University of Asia and the Pacific (February 2017)